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About Helou Designs

"Putting a Smile on Every Woman's Face"

So, how did it all start? Helou Designs was born out of my desire to combine very expensive time pieces, think engagement ring or that one of a kind watch a loving one gave to you, with cool, every day, up-to-date pieces. My passion for statement necklaces made me run into the same issue over and over again; I would fall in love with the design of statement jewelry only to be disappointed in finding out that what was called crystal, was in fact acrylic or plastic, what was called stone was in fact resin. It gave me the feeling that wearing great design with poor quality raw materials made my beautiful timepieces look cheap. After spending years looking for reasonably priced statement jewelry that was made out of real stone, real crystal, real pearls and coming up empty, I decided to make my own. To my surprise the compliments were instantaneous and what started out as making jewelry pieces at the request of friends & family soon became a flourishing business.

Some of the things that are characteristic to my designs are the use of natural raw materials like pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals and a penchant for practicality as in the use of stretch materials for bracelets or clasps that are easy to open and close. Having a career, hobbies, a household and family has always left me little time for getting ready in the morning. I figured a way around that would be to make jewelry that is easy enough to put on and off so I can still look put-together in virtually no time. My pieces cater to our modern life styles and can be worn as a way to upgrade a basic t-shirt & jeans look to being the center stage of a more elaborate evening ensemble.

I hope you will enjoy the designs and unique natural materials as much as our loyal clients do. My mission is to put a smile on every woman’s face when she wears one of my pieces and feels like the beautiful and amazing woman she truly is.

All our products are 100% handcrafted in the USA.

Yours truly,

Christine Helou

Founder of Helou Designs


About Our Products

At Helou Designs every piece of jewelry is unique. When ordering from us you should expect to see differences in color, shape and sizes for the same type of jewelry. These characteristics are what make the piece of jewelry we crafted exclusively for you truly distinctive. They express the real beauty of the high quality natural raw materials we use in our creations and are the very reason we are so successful among our loyal customers.